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Port Of Dubrovnik

The port of Dubrovnik, situated in the neighbourhood of Gruz, roughly 3 km northwest from the Old Town, is the departure point of all ferries and catamarans connecting Dubrovnik with other Croatian ports and Italian port of Bari.

Besides ferry to Italy, Dubrovnik doesn't have ferry connections to any other country (Montenegro, Albania, Greece or Turkey). It's possible to travel between Croatia and Greece by ferry, but only via one of Italian ports (Ancona or Bari).

In the text below you will find more details about each ferry and catamaran sailing from Dubrovnik port to help you plan your journey.

Dubrovnik port is located in the neighbourhood of Gruz


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Krilo catamarans connect Dubrovnik with Split and Makarska on the mainland and islands of Mljet, Korcula, Brac and Hvar

Ferries & Catamarans
from/to Dubrovnik port:

Dubrovnik - Mljet (Pomena) - Korcula - Hvar - Brac (Milna) - Split

This high-speed catamaran is ideal for reaching islands north of Dubrovnik (Mljet, Korcula, Brac and Hvar) as well as Split.

In only 1 hour 15 minutes ride onboard modern air-conditioned catamaran you will reach Pomena (Mljet island), 2 hours Korcula Old Town, 3 hours 10 minutes Hvar Town, 3 hours 50 minutes Milna (Brac island) and 4 hours 25 minutes the port of Split.

This catamaran operates daily starting from April until the end of October.

Dubrovnik - Mljet (Pomena) - Korcula - Hvar - Brac (Milna) - Split

Another similar catamaran route is operated by TP Line starting from June until mid-October. This catamaran sails from Dubrovnik via Mljet (Pomena), Korcula, Hvar (Hvar Town), Brac (Milna) to the port of Split.

Catamaran departs from Split at 9:15 a.m. and arrives to 
Dubrovnik at 2:35 p.m. Return journey is at 3:15 p.m. from Dubrovnik and arrival to Split at 8:30 p.m. 

Dubrovnik - Korcula - Hvar (Hvar Town) - Brac (Bol) - Split

This catamaran is ideal for making a day trip to one of the islands north of Dubrovnik. It departs from Dubrovnik in the morning, sails via islands to Split and returns the same way in the afternoon. The journey is onboard modern air-conditioned high-speed catamaran. Take this catamaran to visit the islands of Korcula, Hvar and Brac

Dubrovnik - Sipanska Luka - Mljet (Sobra) - Mljet (Pomena) - Korcula - Lastovo (Ubli)

This high-speed catamaran connects Dubrovnik port with nearby islands all-year round. This is the most popular catamaran among visitors to the island of Mljet as it stops at Sobra and Polace, the villages on Mljet. Catamaran has morning and evening departures in both directions. During July and August catamaran also sails to Korcula Town (twice a week) and Lastovo (once a week).

Dubrovnik - Korcula - Lastovo (Ubli)

Another options of reaching the island of Korcula from Dubrovnik is TP Line catamaran operating daily from Dubrovnik port to Korcula Old Town and later on to Ubli on the island of Lastovo. This route runs all-year round once a day. The catamaran departs from Lastovo in the morning while it returns from Dubrovnik in the afternoon.

Dubrovnik - Kolocep - Lopud - Sipan

This is the only car ferry between Dubrovnik and the Elaphite Islands. It runs from Dubrovnik to Sipan (Sudurad) twice a day all-year round, and stops on Kolocep and Lopud once a day. You can take this ferry if you are a foot passenger and travelling to the Elaphites.

Dubrovnik - Bari

Jadrolinija operates an overnight ferry between Dubrovnik and Bari but only seasonally (April until end of October). This ferry sails several times a week with sailing time of 7 hours 30 minutes. Taking this route is ideal if you are travelling by car between Italy to Croatia.

For the accurate sailing timetable, tickets prices and online booking visit Direct Ferries.

Dora catamaran sails from Dubrovnik to Elaphite islands

Getting to the port

The port of Dubrovnik can be reached easily by city buses from any Dubrovnik neighbourhood:

FROM PLOCE: Take the bus no.8 and travel until you reach the bus stop in front of the Srdj department store. If you are a cruise ship passenger get off the bus at main bus station.

FROM OLD TOWN: Take any of the following buses: No.1A, No.1B, No.3 from Pile Gate and travel until you reach the port.

FROM LAPAD & BABIN KUK: Take city bus No.7 which departs from Babin Kuk and runs through Lapad. Get off the bus at bus stop in front of the Srdj department store.

You can also take bus n
o.6 and get off the bus at the bus stop close to the Minceta department store. In only 5 minutes' walk you will reach the port area.

Accommodation close to the port

The Berkeley HotelHotel Petka and Hotel Porto are all convenient places to stay if you are departing from the port, ideally located to catch an early morning ferry or catamaran.

In the area, you will also find a range or private accommodation facilities, from apartments, hostels to guesthouses. Use to find the best deals and book your stay online.

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