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Leonardo Express - train from Fiumicino Airport to Rome

If looking for a quick and reliable way of transfer between Rome's Fiumicino Airport and Rome, then Leonardo Express train would be a great choice.

This non-stop train connects Rome's main airport with Roma Termini, the main train station in Rome and city's center in general.

The trains are comfortable, clean and efficient with lots of space for luggage.

The journey takes only 32 minutes (with no stops in-between). Plus, they run frequently in both directions meaning you can catch them in every 15 minutes during peak times and every 30 minutes the rest of the day.

Leonardo Express is cheaper than a taxi or private transfer and faster than a bus. View our complete guide on getting from Fiumicino Airport.

In the text below find out more about Leonardo Express service, operating hours, buying tickets, how to find train platforms on both Fiumicino Airport and Roma Termini (for staying nearby choose wonderful Sophie Terrace Hotel).

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  1. Leonardo Express service hours
  2. Where to find trains at Fiumicino Airport
  3. Where to find trains at Roma Termini
  4. Leonardo Express ticket prices + Online Booking
  5. Where to buy the tickets

Leonardo Express connects Fiumicino Airport with Roma Termini

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Leonardo Express service hours

The first train departs from Roma Termini at 04:50 daily – running every 15 minutes during peak times and every 30 minutes at all other times – with the last train departing at 23:05.

Heading back from the airport, the first train departs from Fiumicino at 06:23, with the last service departing at 22:23.

Where to find trains at Fiumicino Airport

Leonardo Express leaves and arrives from Fiumicino Airport train station, which is located near to the exit of Terminal 3 (international departures).

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Train station at Fiumicino Airport

From terminal 3

As soon as you collect your luggage and leave Customs, follow the signs showing "Train". You'll need to walk for about 2-3 minutes, then take escalators leading down then up to reach the platform.

From terminal 1

Once you collect your luggage and leave Customs, walk for 2 minutes and on the right handside you'll notice 3 elevators which will take you to Level 2. Once you leave the elevator, you'll need to follow signs showing "Train" to reach train platform (5-6 minute walk).

Follow the sign "Train" to reach Leonardo Express train platformFollow the sign "Train" to reach Leonardo Express train platform

Once you are at Termini Station...

From Termini Station you can easily take a city taxi to either your hotel/apartment or any nearby destination (Civitavecchia cruise port, Castelli Romani...). Taking a metro is another great option of getting around.

Many people continue their travel from here to other cities within Italy. The most popular routes are those to Florence, Bologna, Venice, Milan and Naples.

Trains are fairly affordable in Italy, especially if you buy them well-in-advance.

Use Trainline to compare trains and book your tickets online!

Where to find trains at Roma Termini

At Roma Termini Station the train leaves from platforms 23 and 24 of Roma Termini train station and takes just 32 minutes to reach the airport.

Termini Station in RomeTermini Station in Rome

Leonardo Express ticket prices

A one-way adult ticket costs €14 and there is only one class of service. Children under the age of 4 travel for free, while for every paying adult, one child over 4 and under 12 can travel for free.

Be aware that children of 12 age old and older pay regular adult ticket. If you don't buy valid tickets for your child, you'll be fined with €50 fine at the spot. 

If you're travelling with a group, you can take advantage of the Mini-groups fare and purchase 4 tickets in a single transaction for the price of €40 instead of €56.

Tickets are valid for one journey up to 23:59 on the date of your travel. This means, you can travel later if you miss the one you bought.

👉 Get here Leonardo Express tickets (from Roma Fiumicino Aeroporto to Roma Termini)

5 Steps of booking Leonardo Express online:

  1. Enter ROMA FIUMICINO AEROPORTO as departure point
  2. Enter ROMA TERMINI as arrival point
  3. Select DATE and TIME
  4. Click on GET TIMES and TICKETS
  5. Choose the train and proceed with the payment.
Trenitalia ticket machines at Fiumicino AirportTrenitalia ticket machines at Fiumicino Airport

Where to buy Leonardo Express tickets

1. Online at Trainline

Also this way, once you land at the airport and pick-up your luggage, you can go straight to the train and you won't waste time in the lines for buying tickets.

With Trainline, you can buy Leonardo Express train tickets in just a few clicks at no extra cost. We advise you to do so, in order to avoid any problem during purchasing (any language barriers, problem with cards).

Also this way, once you land at the airport and pick-up your luggage, you can go straight to the train and you won't waste time in the lines for buying tickets.

Note that there are no discounts if you buy both your outward and return ticket at the same time.

Choose the train 1 hour from the time of the original train you plan to take in the case of flight delay. Note that it's easy to change the time of travel if you have e-ticket. Just click button "manage ticket" and all train departures will show up. Choose the desired one and click next and you'll get new ticket to your email.

You will need to scan the ticket barcode at gates leading to train platforms.

2. At ticket window (at train station)

Train station at the airport has several ticket windows (with English speaking staff) where you can buy tickets.

If bought here, tickets need to be validated in the ticket validator machines which are located after the entering gates on the platform. Stick your ticket into it and it will make a clicking sound. Once you hear the clicking sound, it has be validated.

If you don't validate your train ticket, you'll be charged with a €50 fine.

3. At ticket machines

Leonardo Express train tickets can be bought from ticket machines you can find across the airport as well as at ticket booth near the train platform (where you can buy also train tickets for other trains).

When bought from ticket machines, they should be validated before boarding the trains.

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