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BEST Cooking Classes in Rome

If you are a true lover of Italian cuisine and would like to learn how to prepare the perfect Italian meal, we suggest you to join one of many cooking classes in Rome

Roll up your sleeves and learn how to make homemade pasta from scratch. Or knead a perfect pizza dough, then top with your favourite topping and bake a perfect pizza. For those who have a sweet tooth, the best choice is tiramisu or gelato making class.

Pasta class is always great choice when in Rome

These classes are held on locations throughout the city, but mostly in historic centre. You'll find them near Piazza Navona, Ciampo de'Fiori, Monti (near the Colosseum), Trastevere (across Tiber River from historic centre) and Prati neighbourhood (in the north part of the city, near Vatican).

If you love to escape from hustle and bustle of the city, choose cooking classes in the nearby countryside, where you'll enjoy beautiful nature (like this class in Frascati).

There are so many choices when it comes to cooking classes in Rome. That's why we've picked the best one (only 5-star rated), so you can truly enjoy them and don't waste your money

Most classes are scheduled around lunch or dinner time. We recommend booking in advance to ensure you get the time and date you prefer. Most classes offer flexible booking and cancel options.

Those who just want to taste delicious food, but no cook, we suggest to join one of many Roman food tours!

Ravioli, Italian filled pastaRavioli, Italian filled pasta

1.Eat & Walk Italy: Pasta cooking classes in Rome (various locations)

  • AVAILABILITY: 10:30am, 11:00am, 12:30pm, 1:00pm, 3:00pm, 3:30pm, 7:00pm and 7:30pm (every day)
  • CLASSES DURATION: 2 to 3 hours
  • MEETING POINTS: Gusto Restaurant (near Piazza Navona), Restaurant Ercoli (Trastevere) or Oste Cavour Restaurant (Piazza Cavour)
  • You'll love preparing fettuccine and ravioli from the scratch (plus tiramisu) and enjoying what you've prepared

On this cooking classes you'll learn how to prepare homemade pasta (fettuccine, maltagliati, ravioli) as well as tiramisu from scratch. Your chef will show you how to make the perfect pasta dough with only flour and eggs. You can choose from 3 different locations: Piazza Navona, Trastevere and Prati.

Finally, you'll sit down and enjoy pasta tossed into homemade sauces of your choice. Tiramisu comes in the end! One of the most popular cooking classes in Rome!

Choose from the following cooking classes:

πŸ‘Œ Fettuccine, ravioli and tiramisu cooking class (Piazza Navona)

πŸ‘Œ Fettuccine and maltagliati pasta class (Trastevere)

πŸ‘Œ Fettuccine pasta and tiramisu making class (Prati)

2. Insideat: Pizza making class in Rome

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 265 Reviews

  • AVAILABILITY: 2:30pm (every day)
  • CLASS DURATION: 1.5 hour
  • MEETING POINT: Pummare Restaurant (right above Trionfale food market)
  • Make and bake your own pizza with a help of professional Italian chef

This pizza class near Vatican, will teach you the art of making and baking pizza from scratch. You'll cook at your own work station while drinking Roman wine. Once you pizza making is finished, you'll sit down on the outdoor terrace of the restaurant and enjoy delicious pizza you made. Take the opportunity and ask the chef all tips and tricks about Italian food.

πŸ‘Œ Book this pizza making class in Rome

3. Roman Food Tour: Pasta and tiramisΓΉ class (with dinner and wine)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 134 Reviews

  • AVAILABILITY: 2pm (every day)
  • CLASS DURATION: 4 hours
  • MEETING POINT: La Nicchia Cafe (1 minute walk from Cipro metro station)
  • Best for those who want to learn making pasta from scratch (and tiramisu too)

This is not food tour, but cooking class on which you'll learn how to prepare handmade pasta and tiramisu. Roll up your sleeves and learn to make pasta from scratch in family-run restaurant in Rome. This is unique and experience and one of the best on your Roman holiday. In the end enjoy 3-meal course and sip a wine in the company of your class companions!

πŸ‘Œ Check available dates and book your place

4. Insideat: Pasta, ravioli and tiramisΓΉ class 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 887 Reviews

  • AVAILABILITY: 4:30pm (every day)
  • CLASS DURATION: 2.5 hours
  • MEETING POINT: Pummare Restaurant (right above Trionfale food market - Prati)
  • Ideal for those who want to improve pasta making skills (and tiramisu)

This cooking class takes place in local restaurant (steps away from Vatican), where you'll have your own work station to prepare homemade pasta, ravioli and tiramisu. Later on you'll join your new friends and eat pasta with cacio e pepe and carbonara. In the end, you'll eat tiramisu you have prepared. One of the most popular cooking classes in Rome!

πŸ‘Œ Check available dates and book you place online

5. Walks of Italy: Pasta-making with a local chef

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 721 Reviews

  • AVAILABILITY: 10am (every day)
  • CLASS DURATION: 3 hours
  • MEETING POINT: Piazza Trilussa in Trastevere
  • Make pasta from scratch with a professional Italian chef + enjoy delicious dinner and wine

This cooking class will take you to a private kitchen in the heart of Rome's Trastevere neighbourhood. First, you'll have aperitivo and next it’s time to learn how to make fettuccine and ravioli from scratch with traditional red and white sauces, such as amatriciana, puttanesca, gricia or cacio e pepe. Finally, you'll enjoy your home-cooked pasta, along with wine, and finish on a sweet note with homemade gelato prepared by your professional chef.

πŸ‘Œ Check available dates and save your place

6. Rome gelato class with tastings

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 1 Reviews

  • AVAILABILITY: 11am (every day)
  • CLASS DURATION: 1 hour
  • MEETING POINT: Via Nazionale (opposite the church)
  • This class is ideal for everyone, but especially for families with children (they will surely adore making and tasting gelato)

This class will teach you how to prepare 3 flavours of homemade gelato. You'll start with choosing ingredients, then you'll make fior di latte gelato (made with sugar, milk and cream), stracciatella (most loved by both adults and children) and fruit gelato (refreshing one). The best thing is that you'll try all gelato in the shop afterwards!

πŸ‘Œ Save your place on this fun gelato making class

7. Pasta making class in Frascati (wine tasting and dinner)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 777 Reviews

  • AVAILABILITY: 10:30am, 3:30pm and 7:30pm (every day)
  • CLASS DURATION: 2.5 hours
  • MEETING POINT: Frascati train station (take a train from Roma Termini; 40 minute ride)
  • Great pasta class in the Roman countryside + wine tasting + sightseeing of the city of Frascati (you'll be picked-up at Frascati train station; the train ride from Rome takes around 40 minutes)

This pasta making class takes you to Frascati, small city in the Roman countryside. The class will start sampling great wines along tasty appetizers. Next, the cooking class begins on which you'll learn how to make fresh pasta from scratch and then prepare one of pasta meals: carbonara, amatriciana or cacio e pepe. Finally, you'll sit down and taste prepared delicious pasta! GREAT GETAWAY FROM ROME'S BUSY STREETS!

πŸ‘Œ Save your place on this cooking class

8. Cooking masterclass on pasta and Italian sauces (group or private)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 207 Reviews

  • AVAILABILITY: 5:00pm (every day)
  • CLASS DURATION: 3 hours
  • MEETING POINT: Circonvallazione Gianicolense, 414
  • You'll learn how to make handmade pasta and sauces in a small-group; it's possible to book private class with personalized meals (choose from gnocchi, tiramisu, risotto or even vegan, gluten-free or dairy-free meals)

On this tour you'll be welcomed into traditional Italian house to learn art of making handmade pasta from scratch (you'll make ravioli, fettuccine, tortellini, cappelletti or spaghetti alla chitarra).

Using only the freshest ingredients, you'll make famous Roman sauces like arrabbiata, carbonara, cacio & peppe or Amatriciana. If you are vegetarian, there is a special menu for you! The best part is enjoying everything you've prepared along a wine and a good company. This class is held in a small group of maximum 8 people.

πŸ‘Œ Check dates and book your place here

9. Cook with us in Rome: A hands-on cooking experience

  • AVAILABILITY: 9:20am and 3:30pm (every day)
  • CLASS DURATION: 3 hours
  • MEETING POINT: VyNIQUE Farnese (Piazza Farnese)
  • Learn how to make homemade pasta from scratch, plus appetizers and dessert on this fun cooking class

This cooking class will teach you about region's typical dishes. You'll start your cooking adventure at local market, where you'll shop for the freshest produce. Once you arrive to cooking studio, you'll learn how to prepare two different kind of fresh, hand-made pasta, plus two appetizers and a dessert. Sunday and afternoon classes skip the market as this is closed! These lessons are family-friendly!

πŸ‘Œ Save your place on this cooking class in Rome

10. Sunset pasta class in the heart of Rome (with dinner)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 21 Reviews

  • AVAILABILITY: 5:00pm (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday)
  • CLASS DURATION: 3 hours
  • MEETING POINT: Piazza Mattei (Jewish Ghetto)
  • Learn how to make homemade Italian pasta + fried vegetables + taste delicious ricotta cake with jam on this cooking class

We recommend this cooking class to anyone looking for an authentic and fun cooking experience. You'll learn how to make pasta from scratch, then you'll prepare seasonal vegetables (like artichokes or zucchini flowers). Enjoying prepared food is the best part of this class. In the end, you'll eat torta di ricotta e visciola (roman jewish cake with ricotta and black sour cherries jam). The experience is suitable for everyone! Vegans and vegetarians are welcome!

πŸ‘Œ Book your place on this foodie Roman experience

11. Gnocchi cooking class (Piazza Navona)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 27 Reviews

  • AVAILABILITY: 1:00pm (every day)
  • CLASS DURATION: 2 hours
  • MEETING POINT: Ristorante Tucci (Piazza Navona)
  • You'll enjoy learning how to make homemade gnocchi; later on you'll enjoy what you've prepared along drinks (plus coffee and limoncello)

This cooking class takes place in the restaurant Tucci on Piazza Navona, where you'll learn how to make potato gnocchi from scratch. Next, you'll choose how your gnocchi will be prepared (gnocchi alla sorrentina, gnocchi al pesto, gnocchi all'pomodoro or gnocchi ai quatro formaggi) and you'll enjoy them. Drinks, coffee and limoncello are included in the price.

πŸ‘Œ Save your place on this gnocchi class

12. Chef in a day cooking class in Rome

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 329 Reviews

  • AVAILABILITY: 9:30am (every day)
  • CLASS DURATION: 5 hours
  • MEETING POINT: Piazza Farnese (in front of the French Embassy)
  • Master your cooking techniques with a help of professional chef and prepare 6-course Italian meal

This morning cooking class takes place in the heart of authentic Roman neighbourhood of Trastevere. Food market at Campo de' Fiori is the first stop, where you'll get ingredients for our meal. Next, you head to a private apartment for cooking. The friendly chef will teach you how to make 3 kinds of pasta alongside other dishes. Together you'll prepare rich 6-course meal (antipasto, 3 pastas, main and dessert). Next, you'll taste delicious food you've prepared. The group is limited to up to 10 people!

πŸ‘Œ Check available dates and book your place now

13. Exclusive cooking class in Roman countryside with local chef

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 35 Reviews

  • AVAILABILITY: 10am and 4pm (every day)
  • TOUR DURATION: 3.5 hours
  • MEETING POINT: Zagarolo train station (catch an early morning train from Roma Termini; 30-minute ride)
  • Have a fun preparing whole Italian lunch in the Roman countryside

This cooking class takes place in the city of Zagarolo, in the Roman countryside. You'll prepare some of the following dishes: vegetable fritters or savoury strudel, hand-made pasta (with flour from a local mill and eggs from the farm), lasagne or ravioli or fettuccine with their sauce, rolls of saltimbocca and cake in the end (parfait or tart). In the end, you'll eat everything you prepared along a home-made wine. You'll enjoy the day spend this way!

πŸ‘Œ Save your place on this cooking class near Rome

14. Food tour with pasta making class in Trastevere

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 435 Reviews

  • AVAILABILITY: 10:00am (every day)
  • TOUR DURATION: 4 hours
  • MEETING POINT: Via Natale del Grande 46 (Trastevere)
  • You'll taste delicious Roman food + you'll make your own pasta at local trattoria and enjoy it later on

This gastronomic tour is a combination of food tour and pasta making class. It will take you through Trastevere neighbourhood to taste the most delicious Roman food. Along the way you'll discover important historical sites hidden from most of visitors (as this is residential part of Rome).

You'll also visit a trattoria where you'll make your own pasta and enjoy it with delicious Amatriciana sauce.  Any good pasta making class needs good wine, and with this experience you’ll drink all the wine you want. Come hungry because there is a lot to eat on this tour!

πŸ‘Œ Check available dates and book online

15. Super fun pasta and gelato cooking class (close to the Vatican)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 331 Reviews

  • AVAILABILITY: 11am, 2:30pm, 6pm and 6:15pm (every day)
  • TOUR DURATION: 2.5 hours
  • MEETING POINT: Holy Pizza (Borgo Vittorio 9b - near Vatican)
  • Chefs will teach you to make pasta and gelato from scratch (plus you'll enjoy appetizers and free drinks)

Step into the kitchen of a passionate and friendly chef for a fun pasta and gelato cooking class near the Vatican. Master the art of making homemade fettuccine and tomato sauce, as well as creamy gelato using the freshest ingredients. Class includes appetizers, fantastic wine/beer, water and soft drinks. And of course you will eat everything you prepare! The lesson is for all ages and anyone from beginner to seasoned cook.

πŸ‘Œ Save your place on this pasta and gelato class in Rome

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