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Best Time to Visit Rome

Rome is gorgeous enough in any season, and whatever month you choose to visit this eternal city, you will find a unique charm and great amount of things to do, see and experience.

You should take into consideration factors as the weather, the crowds and the events taking place in the city.

When it comes to weather, it's relatively mild and no matter what time of year you visit, as long as you're prepared, the weather should not stop you from enjoying the visit. Rome has it's own charm even under rain or in summer heat.

Visiting Rome in:

January and February

Winter months of January and February are the coldest one in Rome but still pleasant for exploring. You'll have some sunny and some rainy days and pleasant temperatures. You'll find affordable hotels and apartments in this period so this is great for visiting on a budget.

Sights and museums are not so crowded, so the sightseeing will be pleasant. During the January you'll find sales in the stores around the city, so this is a great month for shopping break.

Spring time (March, April and May)

Pleasant weather; lower crowds

These months are pleasant for visiting Rome, as the temperatures are mild and the weather is pleasant in general. However, you may encounter some rainy days. Spring is a good time to enjoy the outdoor activities and attractions.

The crowds are not so large, except for the Easter and Holy week, which can be one of the busiest times in Rome.

We recommend to avoid these months, except if you are visiting Rome for Easter celebrations. The temperatures in this period range from 12°C (54°F) to 18C.

Taking a private tour of Rome is a great for finding out more.

Summer months (June until end of August)

Busy period; hot weather

Summer months June, July and August are high season for Rome and the hottest one (especially August). You will find long lines in front of most sights and museums and you need to book them in advance.

This is the peak season for tourism in Rome, and also the hottest and most humid. You may have to deal with long lines, higher prices, and limited availability. Summer is a good time to enjoy the festivals and concerts, but you may want to avoid the midday sun and seek some shade or air conditioning.

You'll love spending nights out in Rome, when the city is vibrant and the nights are warm. There are some activities which are pleasant even in a hot summer day - check them below.

If you want sunshine and lot of fun, summertime is the best time to visit. As this is period when Rome comes to life. Heat means you can enjoy meals outside, especially in the evenings.

Top picks summer activities:

  • Vespa tours that takes you around the city on scooter (you'll enjoy refreshing breeze); e-bike tours, underground Rome tours, non crowded museums with air-conditioning (Galleria Doria Pamphili, Palazzo Massimo, Palazzo Altemps), a rafting experience along the Tiber River or a kayak expererience on Lake Albano (1 hour from Rome)

  • Rome is close to the seaside and several lakes, so you can spend time on the beach, near the water which is the best for refreshing.

Late August/beginning of September

best time visit rome 40

Late August is one of the best times to visit Rome. The summer crowds are still away, as many Italians are still away on their summer vacation. Most shops and restaurants that close during August start slowly to open. But, bare in mind that late august still can be hot (but not as July and beginning of the month). 

The city is coming back to life in this period.

From mid-November until Christmas

November in Rome

October and early November are still pretty busy in Rome, but from mid-November everything slow down. This is a great time for visiting Rome on a budget as you will find great affordable hotel and apartment prices. 

There are still pretty good light during the day and it's pleasant to sightsee outdoor with temperatures around 20°C. However, prepare your umbrella or rain coat, as it can be some occasional showers in this period.

Guided tours and activities are also discounted, so consider taking one. Why not to treat yourself and choose this private food tour of Rome.

Winter is a good time to enjoy the museums and the food,

This is another pleasant time to visit Rome, as the temperatures are still warm but the crowds are fewer. You can enjoy the sunny days and the crisp evenings, as well as the food and wine festivals. Autumn is a good time to enjoy the city at a relaxed pace and soak up the atmosphere.

Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museums & St Peter's semi private tour (a small-group tour provides an intimate way to see the sights; skip-the-line entry).

laurina room

Our top picks for staying in Rome:

  • Laurina 33 - cute little hotel in the middle of nice shopping area and a short walk from the Spanish Steps (with many restaurants and roof-top bars nearby); rooms and suites are super spacious and comfortable and stay is amazing; you'll love staying here!

Christmas & New Year time

The period around Christmas and New Year is when it's busy in Rome. It's really great to be in Rome in this period. The city is decorated and lit up and it's festive atmosphere all around the city. There are also sales in shops around the city, so take opportunity for some shopping.

Hotels and apartments in this period are pricey so be prepare to pay double price for your stay from 22th December until 2-3 January. 

For New Year's Eve, there are fireworks and some concerts in the squares around Rome. So if you are looking for fan and music, this is the place to be for New Year.

While in Rome in December, don't skip buying panettone, sweet Italian bread you'll find in every store around the city.

Easter and Holy week

The crowds are not so large, except for the Easter and Holy week, which can be one of the busiest times in Rome. We recommend to avoid these months, except the case that you come for Easter celebrations.

In Italy, Easter Monday is also a holiday and many things are closed on both Sunday and Monday.

Most of the winter in Rome can be considered low season, as there are fewer tourists but there a

Presumably this is when you could find smaller crowds in Rome.

So is there a shoulder season in Rome and if so, when is it?

From working in the hotel business in Rome for so many years, I can tell you that Rome barely has a true shoulder season.

Most of winter can be considered low season and it often seems that we zoom from low to high season really quickly.

But you could consider the following to be shoulder seasons in Rome.

Reasons for visiting:

To sum up, the best time to visit Rome depends on your personal preferences and what you want to get out of your trip. 

  • If you are interesting in history and art, conside visiting in the shoulder season, which runs from March to May and from September to October. This is a good compromise between weather and crowds, as you can still enjoy warm and sunny days, but with less congestion and more availability.

  • These months are pleasant for visiting Rome, as the temperatures are mild and the weather is pleasant in general. However, you may encounter some rainy days. Spring is a good time to enjoy the outdoor activities and attractions.

  • For example, if you are interested in religious events and celebrations, you may want to visit during Easter, which usually falls in March or April, and witness the Pope’s blessing and the procession of the Via Crucis.

  • If you are interested in art and literature, you may want to visit in May or June, when the International Literature Festival and the International Horse Show take place.

  • If you are interested in music and nightlife, you may want to visit in July or August, when the Rock in Roma and the Cosmophonies festivals are held.

  • If you are interested in food and wine, you may want to visit in September or October, when the grape harvest and the wine festivals occur. See what to eat in Rome!

  • If you are looking for a romantic getaway, you might enjoy the springtime in Rome, when the city is full of flowers and life, and the evenings are crisp and cool.

  • If you are fan of music and literature, you might want to check out some of the events and festivals that take place in Rome during the fall

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