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'Life according to Kawa' - a great store in Dubrovnik offering authentic Croatian products

People have always brought souvenirs from their travels that will remind them of their amazing time on holidays. Dubrovnik offers a range of different souvenirs you can pick from starting from sweet and savoury delicacies, cookbooks, natural cosmetics, designer items, ties, traditional jewellery etc. We listed our suggestions for your unique souvenir from Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik sweet & savoury delicacies

Dubrovnik region offers a variety of traditional sweets and drinks. Choose from delicacies like arancini (candied orange peel), limuncini (candied lemon peel), brustulani mjenduli (caramelised almonds), kontonjata (quince cheese), mantala (must cheese), dried figs, olive oil, wines, liqueurs made from fruit and roses and brandy made of aromatic herbs. Give someone a special gift with the scents and flavours of Dubrovnik.


  • Terra Croatica - Ulica od puča 9, Old Town
  • Uje - Od puca 2, Old Town
  • Uje - Placa 5, Old Town
  • Uje - Placa 18, Old Town
  • Life according to KAWA - Hvarska 2

Dubrovnik cookbooks

Cuisine of Dubrovnik region is type of Mediterranean cuisine based on fresh seasonal produce, fish and seafood.

For those in love with cooking the cookbook would be the right choice when it comes to buying a souvenir from Dubrovnik. You will find a choice of such cookbooks in several shops around the city.

One of the best cookbook's is 'What's cooking in Dubrovnik?' written by famous Croatian food blogger Ana-Marija Bujic. This cookbook will introduce you to the local cuisine and way of life. Order your copy of this cookbook from us here.

Unique natural cosmetics

Visit Franciscan Monastery pharmacy, one of the oldest in Europe, which still produce cosmetics made from rose oil, almonds and lavender according to original recipes that are over 200 years old. Look for face and hand creams and soaps made of essential oils, honey, goat's milk and olive oil.

House of nature is a shop that offer natural cosmetics made of only natural ingredients. Choose from face creams, body lotions and scrubs, hand creams, soaps etc.

Natural cosmetics made of the best organic ingredientsNatural cosmetics made of the best organic ingredients


  • Old Dubrovnik Pharmacy - Placa 2, Old Town
  • House of nature - Žudioska 4, Old Town
  • Life according to KAWA - Hvarska 2

Traditional Dubrovnik jewellery

In Dubrovnik, the goldsmith trade is one of the oldest. Goldsmiths' creations have been nurtured in the city since the Middle ages.

Dubrovnik's goldsmiths still produce valuable traditional Dubrovnik jewellery in their workshops. Filigree silver, gold, and coral jewellery mesmerizes with its timeless beauty.

Konavle embroidery

Konavle embroidery is the main decorative element of the national costume of Konavle.

Originally, the embroidery was made with silk thread that was produced by each household in Konavle and that was dyed with natural colours.

You can choose from a range of products with Konavle embroidery - bookmarks, tablecloths, pillowcases, handbags etc.


  • Kokula - Đorđićeva 6, Old Town
  • Bačan - Prijeko 6, Old Town

Designer and craftwork items

Painted objects, statues, glassware, ceramics and fabrics - these are just some of the uniquely crafted souvenirs that artists and designers pour their skills and talents into. Look for small, unique and original Dubrovnik shops that will enchant you and where you will find a special gift from Dubrovnik.


Croatian chocolate

While in Dubrovnik taste some of the best Croatian chocolate products. Here you will find assortment of chocolates, pralines, biscuits, savoury snacks etc. They are made of quality ingredients and are original sweet gift.

The most delicious chocolates you will find in Kraš stores - one is locate at the beginning of Stradun and the other one in the port of Gruz.


  • Bonbonniere Kraš - Zamanjina 2, Old Town
  • Bonbonniere Kraš - Obala Stjepana Radića 29, Port Gruz

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