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Getting from Vienna to Zagreb

Looking for the best way to get from Vienna to Zagreb or vice versa? We recommend flying - the flight takes only 55 minutes and you have option of several daily flights.

For those who prefer ground options, taking a bus would be next choice. It takes 5 hours and it's much cheaper than flying.

Another option would be taking a train which takes around 8-9 hours (you'll have 1 or more changes of train).

If you love to drive yourself, hire a car and drive from Vienna to Zagreb.

Besides Zagreb, from Vienna you can easily reach other European cities, such as Ljubljana, Venice, Budapest, Bratislava and Prague.

Zagreb, Ilica streetZagreb, Ilica street

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Flights between Vienna and Zagreb

The quickest way of getting from Vienna to Zagreb is by plane. Take either express train (14-minute journey) or private car transfer from the city to Vienna Airport.

Both Croatia Airlines and Austrian Airlines have flights between Vienna and Zagreb all-year round. The travel time is around 55 minutes.

You can book plane tickets here for both companies. Fares start from €180 one-way.

The booking is easy and quick; first choose your date and desired fare, pay and you'll get your plane tickets directly to your e-mail. Online check-in is possible (use you QR code for boarding) but don't come too late to the airport if you need to drop-off your luggage.

Buses from Vienna to Zagreb

The most economical way of travel between Vienna and Zagreb (the distance is about 370 km) is a bus ride. There are many daily departures from both cities, with the fastest ride taking 4h 50 minutes. The prices start from €20 for one-way journey.

Buses depart from Vienna Erdberg Bus Terminal, large station servicing international and long-distance buses within Austria (it's 3-4 km from the city centre).

FlixBus offers easy online booking. Once you book your ride, you'll have your ticket at the fingertips. Plus, you can easily change the date, time or even cancel the tickets.

👉 Get your bus tickets here

Belvedere Palace in ViennaThe Belvedere is a historic building complex in Vienna, Austria

Trains from Vienna to Zagreb

Train route between Vienna and Zagreb is the most popular route from Austria to Croatia.

There are up to 10 departures daily, but the departure times vary from date to date, so be sure to check exact departure times when travelling.

Trains depart from Wien Hauptbahnhof located about 4 km from Vienna city center. All trains arrive at Zagreb Train Station which is very close to the main Zagreb's square.

There are up to 2 direct daily trains from Vienna to Zagreb operated by EuroCity trains. The journey takes about 6 hours and 45 minutes. All other train routes require 1 to 3 train changes and takes longer from 7.5 to 12.5 hours.

You can choose the routes which go via Slovenia or routes via Hungary (Budapest).

When looking for trains, check the waiting time between trains as it ranges from a few minutes to several hours. Ticket prices depend on the departure and vary from date to date. 👉 Book train tickets online!

Driving from Vienna to Zagreb

If you decide to drive from Vienna to Zagreb, you should know that there is a border crossing involved.

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