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16 BEST Cooking Classes in Florence

Are you a foodie and like to cook? When visiting Italy one of the best things to do is to learn some culinary secrets from locals. This is an easy task as there are numerous cooking classes available throughout Italy.

A cooking class is definitely something that should be on your Florence itinerary if you’re spending at least a couple of days in town.

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Roll up your sleeves and prepare fresh pasta, authentic pizza, cream gelato and other foodie delights. Choose from private instructions or meet other cooks on a cooking class. You'll get new kitchen skills and eat what you've prepared with a glass of local wine for an authentic Tuscan experience.

There is a huge choice of cooking classes available and we picked the best one. You'll find classes all around the city, some are group other ones are private.

There are some that take you to the Florence hills where you can enjoy nature. There is even class for those who love or need to eat gluten-free.

Hand-picked cooking classes in Florence:

1. Pasta making class on Arno River

Some useful info: Meet your chef and instructor directly at the pasta-making workshop along the Arno River; choose from several times during the day

This cooking class will teach you how to make 3 different pasta kinds of pasta as well as Italian sauces. Put on the kitchen apron and follow the instructions of professional chefs to make ravioli, fettuccine, spaghetti and tortellini using a rolling pin and pasta cutter. After this, find out all the steps to prepare sauces, including “Pommarola” (tomato sauce).

Next, sit down at the table with your group, and try the pasta you made, together with the delicious sauces. Chat with the other participants while you eat and enjoy the friendly Italian atmosphere. Sip on organic Tuscan wine, called Dalle Nostre Mani, which is produced on the activity provider's farm. Then, have some cake and a shot of limoncello to finish up your cooking class.

Class reviewThis was a highlight of our trip! Our instructor was funny, smart, and seemed to have great pasta knowledge - we enjoyed her so much! It is nice that you get to learn 3 different pasta shapes. At the end, our small class sat down for dinner. It was fantastic! I highly recommend this class.

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2. Vegetarian cooking class in the Florentine hills (6 guests max)

Some useful info: The class takes place in Impruneta, Florentine hills and you need a car to get there or book a private transfer (the host can arrange the one for you); it's 15-minute drive from Florence; the class starts at 10:30am

The cooking class with Antonella in Florentine Hills will for sure be unforgettable memory from your trip to Florence. She meets small group (up to 6 people) in her Tuscan home and learn you how to prepare some of these dishes: vegetable flan (or focaccia or cecina), spaghetti alla chitarra, cavatelli, garganeli or stuffed pasta like ravioli, tortelloni, mezzelune (served with delicious vegetarian sauces).

Desserts you might make are crostata with semolino cream and chocolate, cantuccini or ricotta pudding with fruit sauce. To finish, you'll share the lunch together over wine with beautiful views of her garden and rolling hills. Your host Antonella is a master at what she does, so knowledgable while being so warm and passionate about what she does. She will even send the recipes later on!

Class reviewThe experience was fabulous! Private cooking lesson with a kind, generous, friendly, knowledgeable, and awesome private chef. The drive up through the countryside was crazy wonderful then the lesson was simple and easy to follow. Finally, we enjoyed a dinner together with some amazing wine. Could not ask for a better time. An experience never to be forgotten. Thank you Antonella!

3. The original cooking class & market tour in Florence (Towns of Italy)

Some useful info: The class takes place in Via Panicale 43R (near Central Market) and starts at 9am and lasts for 5 hours

You'll love this fun cooking class in the heart of Florence. The chef will take you on a trip to the nearby market to choose ingredients for your cooking. Next, you'll roll your sleeves and under the guidance of the chef, learn how to make a delicious Italian lunch including bruschetta, pasta from scratch plus fresh sauces and dessert (tiramisu).

Take a seat in the dining room once your meal is ready and feast what you've prepared along Chianti wine. You'll get a graduation diploma and a recipe booklet! This one of the most popular cooking classes in Florence!

Class reviewFederico and Alice were great teachers. We went to Marketo Centrale, he told us about the various meats and vegetables and an Italian's perspective about these, then we started with the cooking. They taught us how to make tiramisu, pappardelle and ravioli, and coached us through the process. We finished with a meal together, eating the fruits of our creation, and it was the best pasta we've had so far. Then in the end, they emailed us the recipes we used in the class so we can make the same at home. Definitely recommend.

4. The Cooking lab - authentic food experience

Some useful info: The class takes place in chef's house (near Campo Marte train station) every day at 10am and 5pm and lasts for 3 hours

This is a great cooking experience for anyone who wants to learn how to make pasta in a very hands on class. The chef Luca Polverini meets you in his home to learn you how to make classic Italian dishes from scratch.

Roll up your sleeves and get busy making two types of pasta or gnocchi and sauces, a variety of appetizers and even tiramisù. The best part is enjoying tasty food you prepared, served with wine. This class is great for families with children! Only 5 star reviews for this class!

Class reviewAn amazing cooking experience with Luca! We learned about making fresh pasta and tiramisu! We created handmade ravioli and spaghetti; it was delicious! This is a great opportunity to learn and have fun! Highly recommend to take this class and learn about pasta!

5. Cooking class in Florence (tagliatelle pasta)

Some useful info: This cooking gathering takes place in the Florence every day at 11am and lasts 2h 30 minutes; 

If you are looking for personal cooking experience then this class with Francesca is for you. She will welcomed you into her home and show you how to make authentic tagliatelle pasta from scratch plus some other dishes (depending on the season).

You'll be surrounded by Tuscany's finest ingredients (wine, fresh-picked herbs, olive oil and vegetables). After class, you'll sat on the outside patio and enjoy the wonderful food you made. We highly recommend this cooking class!

Class reviewThis experience was everything I was looking for! Personal, insightful, and delicious. It’s a great way to meet fellow travelers, learn a tradition skill, and enjoy a bite to eat all in just a few hours! Francesca is a wonderful host and instructor. She welcomed us into her home and shared her love of food with us. I could ask for nothing more!

6. Pizza and gelato cooking class in Tuscan farmhouse (from Florence)

Some useful info: The meeting point is in front of Biblioteca Nazionale (National Library) in Piazza dei Cavalleggeri; choose from departure at 2:30pm and 5pm

This culinary experience is held on private estate in the hills above Florence. You'll be transferred by minibus to the location. The class start with tasting of focaccia sipping a glass of Chianti wine.

Your chef will teach you how to make pizza dough then you'll select topping ingredients from the variety of fresh vegetables from the garden. Then, your pizza is baked in traditional-style wood oven. Once the pizza is baked, enjoy it along a glass of wine or beer.

You'll also learn how to make a creamy gelato. You'll get recipes so you can prepare pizza and gelato at home. Your culinary experience ends with a return trip to your starting point in Florence.

Class reviewWe were in Italy for two weeks, and the Pizza and Gelato class was one of our favorite highlights, for sure!! The venue was beautiful, the instruction and the food were amazing, and Max and Luca were an absolute riot!!! They were very knowledgeable and excellent teachers, but also incredibly entertaining! We highly, highly recommend this tour to anyone who has the chance to go. You will have a blast!!!

7. Small-group pasta class in Florence (Chef Vary)

Some useful info: Classes take place in the cooking school situatead in Via Romana, 41R, between Palazzo Pitti and Boboli Gardens; choose from a variety of class options including vegan and vegetarian ones

On these hands-on cooking classes, carried in a wonderful authentic kitchen, everything is made from scratch using only fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Noodles, pappardelle, spaghetti and gnocchi, or ravioli in tomato, mushroom, pesto and succulent ragù sauce… any way you choose will be amazing! Choose from morning or lunch time class or even coloured pasta class! 

Some of the dishes you'll prepare: tagliatelle with eggplant and cherry tomatoes, fettuccine with pesto, pappardelle with zucchini and ricotta, tagliolini with sausage and leeks, green tagliatelle with bolognese...

After the class you will sit down along with the other guests to enjoy a glass of wine and eat what you have all created together. So fun and tasty!

Class reviewThe two hours spent in the cooking class has been a highlight of our trip to Italy. Chef Vary was excellent. We learned a lot about pasta and italian cooking with the hands on class. She is also entertaining and fun. We recommend this class to everyone interested.

8. The art of pasta cooking class with nonna's recipes

Some useful info: The class takes place in Via dell'Agnolo, 77r, in historic centre of Florence; choose from morning and afternoon classes (10am and 3pm)

You'll love this 3-hour cooking class which is the perfect blend on cooking, learning and socializing with others. Professional chef, which learned pasta making from his grandmother, will show you how to make fresh pasta from scratch. 

You'll start with introduction to the ingredients and after you'll knead the perfect pasta dough and shape various pastas. Chef will show you how to make few different sauces for the pasta. This class ends with a wonderful 3-course meal. Highly recommend for both new and experienced cooks. Book this class now, you will not regret it!

Class reviewWe love this cooking class so much! It was the perfect blend of cooking demonstration, hands-on, learning, and socializing with others. The food was the best we had in Italy and loved learning how to make and cut the noodles ourselves. Our family had the best time… such a wonderful memory!

9. Cooking class and lunch at a Tuscan farmhouse

Some useful info: Meet your guide right by the taxi stand at Santa Maria Novella train station at 8:45am; after spending 7 hours on the class you'll be returned to the Santa Croce area

Indulge your love of Italian food in Tuscany, and enjoy a full-day tour that combines a market visit with a cooking class and 4-course meal with wine!

After shopping for high-quality local ingredients at a historical Florence food market, travel to a rustic farmhouse in Tuscany (by minibus), surrounded by beautiful countryside. Then, prepare your feast of pasta, bruschetta and Tuscan roast pork (with potatoes), plus beloved desserts such as tiramisu, before savouring the creations with Tuscan wine.

Up to four glasses of wine are included throughout the day as well as a cooking diploma and the recipes. This cooking class and day trip from Florence is worth the money!

Class reviewThis class made our trip to Florence unforgettable. We had a blast and learned a lot! The trip to the market was fantastic. Luca and Carmela are a joy to be with and made learning fun. We felt very accomplished to have made our own pasta and met some great co-students. A big plus is the view. What a beautiful area of Florence. I highly recommend this tour!

10. All about cantucci: Factory Museum visit and masterclass

Some useful info: This experience starts at Museo Bottega Mattei (Via Porta Rossa, 76/R in historic centre) - a cosy shop and museum of cantucci; next you'll go to local home to learn how to make cantucci (this experience lasts 4 hours)

This authentic Tuscan experience is for those who love sweets especially Tuscan cantucci. First, you'll visit cantucci museum and factory to learn more background of these dry cookies and the history of this family business. As you would expect, you'll taste a range of biscotti di Prato (almond, chocolate, pistachio and almond and hazelnut) together with espresso, mantovana cake, filone candito and brutto buono cookies.

Afterwards, you'll head to local home to learn how to make cantucci form scratch, together with your host. After the lesson, you'll taste cookies you've prepared along Vin Santo. So delicious!

11. Pizza and gelato cooking class in Florence (Small groups only)

Some useful info: The class takes place in Via Panicale, 43r (not far from Santa Maria Novella train station); it lasts for 3 hours

Experience the true essence of Italian cuisine on this pizza and gelato cooking class. Guided by expert Italian chefs, you'll master the art of crafting authentic pizza and gelato.

Enjoy the fruits of your labour with a tasty dinner, complemented by refreshing drinks – your choice of fine Italian wine or a soft beverage. As a delightful souvenir, receive an Attendance Certificate to commemorate your culinary journey. Immerse yourself in the flavuors of Italy in this engaging, hands-on experience

Class reviewMy wife and I had a great time with the other participants learning how to make this pizza and gelato. Chef Andrea was amazing at helping us to learn how to make them. He was very personable and relatable. He took the time to show us step-by-step.

12. Private pasta & tiramisu class at Cesarina's home

Some useful info: This cooking classes take place in carefully selected local homes in Florence; choose from lunch or dinner time classes

This hands-on cooking classes in local homes are ideal for those who want to dip into a local life. Your host will welcome you like a part of the family and teach you how to make tiramisu and two kinds of pasta.

Of course, once you finish with cooking, you'll enjoy delicious dishes you've made. Some classes are held in the city, while others take you to the countryside, where you can enjoy the dinner overlooking the Tuscan hills. This will be trully memorable experience from Florence!

Class reviewI wish I could give this experience 10 stars! Cristina was warm and welcoming. We made all the dishes in her kitchen and it was some of the best Italian food I have ever had!! I had never made pasta before, wouldn’t even have attempted it. She was a wonderful teacher. I cannot recommend this experience enough. Thank you Cristina for a fun day and a lovely dinner!

13. Cheffactory authentic pasta class

Some useful info: The class takes place in Via Camillo Cavour, 180/R (historic centre of Florence) every day (except on Sunday) at 10:45am and 4:45pm; the class takes 3.5 hours; class can be customized for vegetarians and food-intolerants

Once you arrive to the cooking academy, the chefs will explain the whole menu in detail. During the class, you'll prepare fresh ravioli and tagliatelle pasta, potato gnocchi, 3 sauces (according to the season) and dessert (such as panna cotta).

Once the cooking is finished, you'll sit down and eat everything what you've prepared (along good Tuscan wine). The booklets containing everything that was done in class will be given as a reminder of the experience and to be make these dishes back home. Such a great cooking class!

Class reviewThis was a great class for learning to make several types of pasta. We also got to make tiramisu for dessert and it was delicious! Highly recommend this class for a fun activity in Florence. Instructors were warm and friendly and made it a fun night out!

14. Semi-private gluten-free cooking class in Florence

Some useful info: The class takes place in Tuscan Taste Florence store in Via Romana, 41R (near Boboli Gardens) at 10:30am and 5:30pm; there is also a private class option

Learn how to adapt the famous Italian dishes to your gluten-free lifestyle on this hands-on cooking class. Under the guidance of a professional chef, learn to make gluten-free versions of bread (for making bruschette), pasta such as tagliatelle and ravioli, pizza, gnocchi, lasagne, tiramisu and much more.

At the end of cooking, sit down to enjoy delicious food you've prepared along with tastings of wine, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. You'll get access to online recipes so you can make them back at home. You chef will make the experience so fun and enjoyable. Only 5-star reviews for these cooking classes!

Class reviewIncredible experience! We made three types of gluten free pasta with the freshest ingredients. It was absolutely delicious, and Chef Vary was incredibly welcoming, attentive, and a great teacher!! The kitchen was very clean and perfectly safe for celiacs. I would absolutely do it again!!

15. Cooking art Brunelleschi

Some useful info: This class takes place at Restaurant Cucina in Torre (Via Matteo Palmieri 31R), every day (except Monday) at 10am and lasts for 3 hours

The location of this Florence cooking class is enchanting, as it's located inside a medieval tower, a stone's throw from Brunelleschi's Dome. A professional chef will teach you how to make fresh homemade pasta from scratch (before the class you'll go shopping for fresh local produce).

You'll prepare 3 types of fresh pasta such as ravioli, tortellini and tagliatelle, and at the same time we will also prepare sauces to match such as butter and sage, pomarola and old-fashioned Tuscan ragù. Finally, you'll feast everything you've prepared along Tuscan wine and unlimited soft drinks. We highly recommend this course to all fresh pasta lovers!

Class reviewWe had the best time at the cooking class. To start off, the location, atmosphere and area were amazing, bright and cozy. Everyone from the team was super welcoming and nice. The wine was amazing and it was truly unlimited. We learned how to make three types of pasta in a small group of 7 which made the experience extremely memorable, enjoyable and personable. We also learned how to make the sauces and the three dishes were exquisite. I would 100% recommend this class to anyone visiting Florence.

16. Pasta making class in Tuscan castle (with wine tasting)

Some useful info: Class takes place at Castello del Trebbio (30min drive from Florence); choose from classes at 10:30am and 3:30pm; hotel transfer can be arranged separately; vegetarian option is available

You'll love this 3.5-hour cooking class taking place in the castle in the Florence countryside. First, the host Tommaso will give you tour of the castle and wine cellar.

Then, you'll head to kitchen, where chef will be waiting to show you how to make fresh pasta (tagliatelle, tagliolini) as well as sauces, Vinsanto chicken with side dish and a dessert (schiacciata, traditional Florence cake).

After cooking, you'll sit down to feast the food along 3 different types of wine. After lunch, enjoy free time to explore the vineyards and wander the castle's grounds.

Class reviewThis experience was the highlight of our Italy trip! The tour of the castle cellars was spectacular. The tour guide was knowledgeable and personable. The pasta making class with the castle chef was fun and educational. Preparing the 4 course meal and enjoying it with a wine tasting was magical!

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