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Using Public Transport In Dubrovnik

Public transport in Dubrovnik is very well organised. All districts of Dubrovnik and surrounding area are linked by buses that run anywhere from every 10 minutes to every half an hour. Buses start running at about 5 a.m. and stops at around midnight.

If you need to get to the Old Town from Gruz port (new port serving local and international ferries) you need to take one of the following city buses: no.1A, no.1B, no.3.

City buses in DubrovnikCity buses in Dubrovnik

There are two bus stops in Gruz area: one just outside the main bus station (convenient for cruise passengers) and the other one next to the port building (opposite Hotel Petka). You need to get off the bus at the last stop (Pile Gate), which is the western entrance to the Old Town.

To reach Cable car embarkation station from cruise port you will need to take city bus no.8 at main bus station. The bus will drop you exactly at the spot (you will notice Cable car sign).

Cable car embarkation station is located above the Old Town in the neighbourhood of Dubrovnik called Ploce

Old Town is very well linked by buses with Babin Kuk and Lapad. Take city buses no.5 or no.6 from Pile Gate to reach Babin Kuk. There is also bus no.4 running from Pile Gate via Lapad bay to Hotel Dubrovnik Palace.

Which bus to take? Check below!

  • BUS LINE 1A Pile (Old Town) - Mokosica
  • BUS LINE 1B Pile (Old Town) - Mokosica
  • BUS LINE 2 Pile (Old Town) - Gorica
  • BUS LINE 3 Pile (Old Town) - Nuncijata
  • BUS LINE 4 Pile (Old Town) - Hotel Dubrovnik Palace
  • BUS LINE 5 Ploce - Babin Kuk
  • BUS LINE 6 Pile (Old Town) - Babin Kuk
  • BUS LINE 7 Main bus station (Gruz) - Babin Kuk
  • BUS LINE 8 Viktorija (Ploce) - Gruz
  • BUS LINE 9 Pile (Old Town) - Dubrovnik Hospital

Bus tickets info

Tickets for bus journeys within the city cost:

  • 12 HRK (around €1.50/around £1.20/around $1.70) if bought from the kiosk
  • 15 HRK (around €2.00/around £1.50/around $2.20) if bought from the driver
  • 30 HRK (around €3.90/around £2.90/around $4.40) - daily bus ticket.

Tickets are available from the reception desks of most hotels, from newspaper stalls, at travel agencies, at the Libertas stalls (Pile Gate and main bus station).

Tickets must be cancelled in the machines immediately on boarding the bus. Tickets are valid for 1 hour. Out-of-town routes cost a little bit more and tickets can be bought from the driver. 

By purchasing a Dubrovnik Card, you will get a bus card that is valid throughout the city of Dubrovnik. 1-day Dubrovnik Card offers the 24-hours use of public transport (the bus card becomes valid from the moment of first activation of the bus).

3-day Dubrovnik Card offers 6 rides on public transportation throughout the city of Dubrovnik as well as 2 coupons for a 2 suburban rides on bus no. 10 for Cavtat. 7-day Dubrovnik Card offers 10 rides on public transportation throughout the city of Dubrovnik as well as 4 coupons for 4 suburban rides on bus number 10 for Cavtat.

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From Dubrovnik airport to the city

Dubrovnik airport is connected with Dubrovnik by airport shuttle bus. After each arriving flight the bus waits in front of the airport building.

The bus runs from the airport and after entering Dubrovnik stops on Pile Gate, the western entrance to the 
Old Town. Get off the bus here if you are staying in or near the Old Town.

If you stay in Lapad or Babin Kuk you should also get off the bus here and catch city bus to your accommodation. Take either bus no.5 or bus no.6 to reach Babin Kuk and bus no.4 to reach Lapad. 

If you are staying in the area of Gruz continue your travel by airport shuttle bus until main bus station. From there you can walk to your accommodation or take a take a taxi.

You can also pre-book your private car transfer in advance and the driver will  wait you at the arrival terminal, assist with your luggage and drive you directly to your apartment or hotel.

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