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Getting from Greece to Croatia

If you are exploring Greece and would like to continue your travel further to Croatia, you may ask yourself what the best way to do this would be.

First, note that there are no direct ferries between Greece and Croatia (you can take the ferry from Greece to Italy and then to Croatia).

Of course, there is easier and faster way to travel between Greece and Croatia, by plane. Several airlines fly routes between these two countries, including Aegean Airlines (up to 40% OFF now), Croatia Airlines and low-cost operators, Volotea and Ryanair.

They all fly on different day of the week, so check their flying schedules to see the best option for you.

Before leaving Greece, don't skip to explore ancient sites like Delphi and Meteora. The easiest way to do that is to take a private 3-day tour from Athens!

Santorini island in Greece

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Flights between Greece and Croatia

Several airlines fly routes between these two countries, including Aegean AirlinesCroatia Airlines and low-cost operator, Ryanair.

When choosing a flight between Greece and Croatia, note that it's possible to fly between Athens and Croatian capital Zagreb all-year round with Aegean Airlines (once a week). 

In addition, you can fly also from Athens to the cities of Dubrovnik and Split, but only during the tourist season (April until end of October).

Aegean Airlines and Croatia Airlines both fly between Athens and Dubrovnik, while Aegean Airlines serves route  from Athens to Split.

Note that you can fly into Athens (with Aegean Airlines) from numerous European destinations such as London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam, Milan, Munich, Madrid, Vienna, Barcelona and others.

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How to reach Athens Airport?

For reaching Athens Airport (situated about 35km from the city), take reliable and safe Welcome Pickups car transfer, that costs the same as local taxi.

Pick-up is available from any city hotel/apartment, Piraeus Port, the cruise terminal or even Patras (if you arrive from Italy by ferry).

Dubrovnik's Old Town and Lokrum island

More ideas for Greece to Croatia travel

If non of flights are convenient for you, there is an option of flying via Italy. Take a flight to Rome and from there catch a plane to Croatia.

Aegean Airlines offers 2 daily flights between Athens and Rome (morning and afternoon; 2h journey). If staying a few days in Rome, check out our guides on where to stay and what to do in Rome.

From Rome there are many connections to Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb in Croatia.

Vueling offers affordable flights to Dubrovnik and Split, while Croatia Airlines has flights to each of these city at a slightly higher prices.

It's possible to fly from Athens to Naples which takes only 1h 45min and from there take a plane to Dubrovnik with EasyJet.

If travelling from any Greek island such as Santorini, Mykonos or Heraklion, you can ο»Ώο»Ώο»Ώtake a flight from any of these islands to Rome (via Athens) and then fly to Croatia.

A view from plane over Dubrovnik archipelago

Travel from Greece to Croatia by ferry (via Italy)

As mentioned above, there are no direct ferries from Greece to Croatia. Therefore you can only travel from Greece to Italy and from there catch a ferry to Croatia.

Ferries from Greece to Italy

There are several options for ferries you can take from Greece to Italy, but if you're on the mainland, you will probably travel from the port of Patras to either Ancona or Bari in Italy.

Patras is the city in the northern Peloponnese (215km from Athens) and can be reached easily by bus from Athens (2 hours 45 minutes ride) or you can book your private car transfer for this journey.

The ferry service between Greece and Italy are usually available all year round, although there are fewer crossings in winter time than in summer. Sometimes, ferries are cancelled due to bad weather.

For a quicker travel between Greece and Italy, book one of the direct flights from Athens to Rome, Milan or Bologna!

Ferries from Italy to Croatia

Once you arrive to Italy, you can catch a ferry further to Croatia. The most popular option here are SNAV and Jadrolinija ferries from Ancona to Split, then Jadrolinija ferry from Bari to Dubrovnik or a ferry Bari to Split.

There is also a ferry from Ancona to Zadar which is closer to Istria and northern Croatia (Zagreb).

All these ferry services between Italy and Croatia take between 9-12 hours. You can book a cabin or either 2 or 4 berths for extra comfort, but if you want to spare some money, opt for reclining seat in the public area. Many amenities, such as restaurants, shops, children playground can be found onboard.

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