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Getting from Greece to Croatia

If you are looking for the ways of getting from Greece to Croatia, we have compiled useful info for your help. The quickest way would by to fly between Athens and Croatia.

There are several flights available - check detailed info below.

Santorini island in GreeceSantorini island in Greece

FLIGHTS BETWEEN GREECE AND CROATIA: There are several flights available for travelling from Greece to Croatia. This way you can fly from Athens to the cities of Dubrovnik and Zagreb.

These are the flights available for travelling from Greece to Croatia:

The windmills in Chora (Mykonos)The windmills in Chora (Mykonos)

TAKING A FERRY FROM GREECE TO CROATIA via Italy: There are no direct ferries from Greece to Croatia - instead you will need to take a travel via Italy.

The best option is to take the ferry from Greek port of Patras to either port of Bari or Ancona in Italy and from there catch one of the ferries sailing to Croatia.

Patras is the city in the northern Peloponnese (215km from Athens) and can be reached easily by bus from Athens (2 hours 45 minutes ride). This is a great option if you travel by car or prefer slower way of travelling.

Once you reach Italy you can catch there ferries to Croatia. You can choose from the following routes:

For checking accurate sailing timetables and ferry ticket booking visit DIRECT FERRIES web-site.

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