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Dubrovnik Taxi Info

Taxi stands are located in the busiest parts of the city, with the taxi fares posted in a prominent place. When a customer enters a taxi, the taximeter must be running. The taxi accommodates a maximum of four people. 

There are a number of operators in charge of taxi service in Dubrovnik. Most of them are safe, reliable and charge about the same rate for the rides.

Where to find a taxi in Dubrovnik?

There are taxi stands on the frequent city points:

  • ACI Marina (Komolac)
  • port of Gruz
  • main bus station
  • Gruz (across Jadrolinija's office)
  • next to Swimming pool,
  • Lapad – Post office
  • Lapad bay
  • Ivo Vojnovic street
  • Pile Gate – western entrance to the Old Town
  • Ploce Gate – eastern entrance to the Old Town
  • Cavtat – bus station
  • Dubrovnik airport (Arrival terminal).

Check locations on this map. Taxis are available at the airport during the operating hours of the airport (6 a.m. - 10 p.m.). If you arrive late you can call a taxi at +385 800 0970 which is a 24/7 service.

How much does the taxi ride cost?

  • START: 27 kn
  • DRIVE (1 km): 9 kn
  • WAITING (1 hour): 80 kn
  • LUGGAGE (1 piece): 2 kn

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