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Libertas Dubrovnik Bus Line 9

Dubrovnik city buses

The bus no. 9 runs from Pile Gate (western entrance to the Old Town) to Boninovo, Vukovarska street, Batala, Lapad bay until it reaches Dubrovnik hospital. It runs from early morning to early evening, every 1 hour.

Check out below bus stops on this route. Check out the latest timetable of bus no. 9 here.

Pile (Old Town) to Dubrovnik Hospital

Departure point of this bus route is Pile Gate - western entrance to the Old Town. This is the point from where most Dubrovnik city buses depart. In the near vicinity you will find Hotel Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik

1. STOP: Kampus 1
This bus stop is located just opposite University of Dubrovnik.

2. STOP: Boninovo 1
In the near vicinity of this bus stop Dubrovnik cemetery is situated.

3. STOP: Od Republike
From this bus stop you can easily reach Hotel Bellevue.

4. STOP: Vukovarska
This area is knows as Dubrovnik downtown. Here you will find banks, exchange offices, post office, supermarkets, department stores, newspaper shops, pharmacies, bakeries, restaurants, cafés etc.

5. STOP: Lapadska obala 1

6. STOP: Lapadska obala 2

7. STOP: Lapadska obala 3
Get off the bus at this stop to reach Hotel Lapad and Hotel Kazbek.

8. STOP: Lapadska obala 4
This bus stop is situated close to Yacht Club Orsan.

9. STOP: M. Bratosa
This bus stop is situated at the beginning of Lapad bay promenade. From here in a short walk you can reach following hotels: Hotel Aquarius, Hotel Adriatic, Hotel Dubrovnik, Hotel Komodor, Hotel Kompas, Grand Hotel Park, Hotel Perla, Hotel Sumratin, Hotel Uvala and Hotel Zagreb. In this area you can find numerous apartments and other private accommodation facilities.

10. STOP: Sv. Mihajlo
In this area you will find a great choice of shops, bakeries, restaurants and

11. STOP: Dubrovnik Hospital

Dubrovnik Hospital to Pile (Old Town)

Departure point is the bus stop in front of Dubrovnik Hospital.

1. STOP: Lapad Stadium
This bus stop is situated in the centre of Lapad neighbourhood, opposite Lapad Stadium. From here you can easily walk to Lapad bay where you will find popular promenade lined with restaurants and cafés. Numerous beaches can be found along Lapad bay. 3-star Hotel Ivka is situated only few minutes walk from this bus stop.

2. STOP: Tesle

This bus stop is located in the area of Dubrovnik called Batala. From here you can easily reach ferry and cruise port from where you can catch all ferries to the nearby islands and other destinations in Croatia.

3. STOP: Starcevica 1
This bus stop is situated behind "Minceta" department store and very close to "Atlant" shopping centre.

4. STOP: Starcevica 2
This bus stop is located just outside Dubrovnik Court and a very close to the Main police station in Dubrovnik. Very short walk from here will take you to downtown of Dubrovnik where you can find banks, clothes and cosmetic shops, grocery stores, post office, pharmacy, bakeries, restaurants and cafés.

5. STOP: Boninovo 2
This stop is situated close to Dubrovnik cemetery and very close to Hotel Bellevue.

6. STOP: Kampus 2
This bus stop is located next to University of Dubrovnik.

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