Flights To Dubrovnik
From The UK & Ireland In 2017

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As Dubrovnik is the southernmost city in Croatia, the most practical way to reach it is to do so by air, especially as there are numerous flights available during the summer months.

If you need to reach Dubrovnik from the UK, there are numerous flights available from the end of March until the end of October. For the rest of the year, the only connection would be British Airways flights from London Gatwick. See the article below about how to find the most convenient flight for your journey to Dubrovnik.

British Airways

British Airways has a regular service between London Gatwick and Dubrovnik airport. In the low season it flies on this route twice a week (on Mondays and Fridays) and starting from the end of March flights are daily.


British low-cost airline, EasyJet, operates flights from three London airports to Dubrovnik. From London Gatwick it flies from 8th April until 28th October with several flights a week. From London Luton they have several flights a week starting from 15th April until 28th October.

EasyJet will start flights from London Stansted on the 8th May and the service will operate twice a week until the 28th October. The same company also offers flights from Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh and Belfast (twice a week).

Monarch Airlines

Monarch Airlines, a low cost airline from the UK, flies from London Gatwick to Dubrovnik starting from 1st May until 30th October. Flights are available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. This company also connects Dubrovnik with Birmingham from 2nd May until 31st October (on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays).

Thomson Airways

Thomson Airways offers flights to Dubrovnik from London Gatwick (on Thursdays and Sundays), Bristol (on Thursdays), Birmingham (on Thursdays and Sundays), Manchester (on Thursdays and Sundays) and Glasgow (on Thursdays). In 2017 a service will start at the end of May and terminates at the end of October.


Jet2.com - a British low-cost airline known for serving the North of England and Scotland now connects Dubrovnik with eight destinations in Great Britain.

From London Stansted it will start flying on 24th April until 29th October (several times a week). 

From East Midlands airport this company also flies from 24th April until 29th October twice a week (on Wednesdays and Sundays).

From Manchester Jet2.com operates flights from 27th March until 29th October (on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays).

Newcastle and Dubrovnik are connected twice a week (on Wednesdays and Sundays) from 24th April until 29th October.

From Leeds Bradford Jet2.com operates flights twice a week starting from 27th March until 29th October.

From Edinburgh Jet2.com flights start from 24th April until 22nd October (on Thursdays and Sundays).

From Glasgow to Dubrovnik you can fly with Jet2.com on Sundays starting from 24th April until 22nd October.

From Belfast you can fly to Dubrovnik with Jet2.com also on Sundays from 10th April until 1st October.

Norwegian Airlines

Norwegian Airlines operates flights from London Gatwick to Dubrovnik several times a week starting from 1st April until the end of the summer season.

Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus operates flights from Dublin to Dubrovnik in the period from 26th March until 28th October, with six flights a week available.

Travelling to Dubrovnik by plane via Zagreb

Besides the mentioned direct flights you can also reach Dubrovnik from the UK via Zagreb - the capital city of Croatia. British Airways flies from London Heathrow daily throughout the year.

The Croatian national carrier, Croatia Airlines, also flies from the same airport to the Croatian capital all-year long.

Monarch Airlines has introduced flights from London Gatwick to Zagreb in the summer season (three times a week). The same airline also has flights from Manchester to Zagreb in the same period.

From Zagreb you can continue your journey to Dubrovnik by Croatia Airlines flights which are available several times a day all-year long. The flight from Zagreb to Dubrovnik takes only 45 minutes.

Other solutions for continuing your journey to Dubrovnik would be by taking one of the many daily buses or renting a car at Zagreb airport.

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