Cruise To Bonifacio

Bonifacio is a town at the southern tip of the island of Corsica. It is separated into two sections: Old town and harbour area.

Bonifacio's Old town, with labyrinth of narrow streets and historic buildings is a fascinating place to wander around. Bonifacio's harbour is situated beneath the citadel of the Old town and it is filled with yachts and lined with chic bars, restaurants and hotels.

Bonifacio is a destination on Mediterranean cruises.

Top attractions

  • Citadel
  • Bastion de L'Etendard
  • King of Aragon's steps
  • Montee Rastello steps
  • Church of St Marie Majeure
  • Lavezzi islands

Narrow streets of Bonifacio

Old town of Bonifacio

Limestone cliffs in Bonifacio

Limestone cliffs in Bonifacio

Bastion de L'Etendard

Bastion de L'Etendard

St Marie Majeure

Church of St Marie Majeure

Bonifacio's Citadel

Bonifacio's Citadel

Montee Rastello steps

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