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Saint Blaise's Church

The Church of St Blaise stands on the Luza Square. This baroque church was built in 1715 on the site of an old Romanesque church.

The church has a central dome, a large ornate portal and a wide staircase in front of the entrance. The interior of the church is opulently ornamented, the multicoloured marble altars particularly standing out.

St Blaise has been Dubrovnik's patron saint and protector since the 10th century and his image is found carved in stone on many of Dubrovnik’s fortifications, as well as above the city's gates.

Visit Church of St Blaise during one of many guided walking tours of the Old Town available all-year long.

Church of St Blaise

A statue of St Blaise -
the patron of the city of Dubrovnik

Baroque exterior of the Church of St Blaise

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