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City Bus No. 8

1. Secret Garden Apartment
2. Cable car embarkation point - get off here for Old Town and Cable car
3. Viktorija stop - departure point of bus No. 8
4. Ploce Gate (eastern entrance to the Old Town) - take bus No. 8 from here
5. Pile Gate (western entrance to the Old Town) -  take buses No. 3 and No. 8 from here

At the bottom of the street there is a bus stop. From there take bus No. 8 to reach the Old Town and Cable car embarkation point. It takes the bus an average of 15-20 minutes to arrive at our bus stop (times indicated on the bus timetable + 15-20 minutes). You need to get off the bus when you see Cable car. On both sides of the bus stop there are stairs leading to the Old Town.

To come back to the apartment you can take following buses:

  • Bus No. 8 from both Ploce Gate and Pile Gate. It departs from Viktorija stop (times indicated on the bus timetable) and runs to Ploce Gate (3 minutes), Pile Gate (5 minutes) and continues further to Gruz area. 
  • Bus No. 3 from Pile Gate - this is the departure point of this bus route (times indicated on the bus timetable + 15 minutes).

Bus tickets info

Bus tickets can be bought from the kiosks. Tickets for bus journeys within the city cost: 12 HRK if bought from the kiosk, 15 HRK if bought from the driver, 30 HRK daily bus ticket.

Tickets must be cancelled in the machines immediately on boarding the bus. Tickets are valid for 1 hour. By purchasing a Dubrovnik Card, you will get a bus card that is valid throughout the city of Dubrovnik. A daily Dubrovnik Card offers the 24-hours use of public tranport, a 3-day Dubrovnik Card offers 10 rides and weekly Dubrovnik Card offers 20 rides on public transport.