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The Bokar Fortress

The Bokar Fortress can be seen while walking the city wallsThe Bokar Fortress can be seen while walking the city walls

The Bokar Fortress is a 15th century circular fort which is located on the southernwestern section of the city walls. It took more than 100 years to complete it.

This fortress is one of the oldest forts of its kind in the world, and in addition to its defensive role served as a prison during the 19th century.

You can see Bokar Fortress while taking a walk along the city walls. From there you can enjoy views of Lovrijenac Fortress which stands on the high rock across it. This place is also a good location from which to enjoy stunning views of the Adriatic Sea.

From the small beach next to the fortress you can see the tunnel under the fortification that has been cut through the rock is sits on. It is possible to explore the interios, where you will find several cannons.

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