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Getting To Dubrovnik By Bus

Dubrovnik main bus station

Bus service in Croatia is fast and efficient. There are usually many buses a day going from Dubrovnik to other Croatian destinations as well as few international destinations.

Dubrovnik is connected by bus to all larger cities in Croatia (Zagreb, Rijeka, Rovinj, Pula, Zadar, Sibenik, Split, Makarska, Ploce, Orebic, Korcula, Varazdin, Osijek, Vinkovci, Slavonski brod, Karlovac). There are also regular lines with destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo, Mostar, Medjugorje, Zenica) and Montenegro (Kotor - Budva, Herceg Novi, Podgorica). There is also a bus line from Dubrovnik to Trieste in Italy.

Info on Dubrovnik main bus station


DUBROVNIK AIRPORT: The airport shuttle bus runs to main bus station.

Dubrovnik main bus station is located in the western part of the town (Gruz neighbourhood) next to cruise terminal. In the near vicinity of main bus station you will find many accommodation facilities (rooms, apartments and guesthouses). City buses connect main bus station to other areas of Dubrovnik.

FROM OLD TOWN/PILE: Take the following buses No.1A, No.1B and No.8

Take bus No.8


Address: Obala Pape Ivana Pavla II 44A, Dubrovnik
Phone: 060 305 070 (for calls from Croatia)
E-mail: kolodvor@libertasdubrovnik.com
Web-site: libertasdubrovnik.hr

Travelling to Dubrovnik by bus - Domestic bus routes


Several companies run buses between Zagreb and Dubrovnik, taking 8 to 13 hours and costing from from 205 kn - 234 kn one-way, depending on the service. The bus on this route usually stops in Karlovac, Plitvice Lakes, Split, Makarska and Ploce. Click here to see detailed information about bus service between Zagreb and Dubrovnik.


Dubrovnik is connected to Rijeka by bus few times a day. The bus ride takes approximately 12 hours.

Bus tickets range from 411 kn to 510 kn one-way. Click here to see detailed information about bus service between Rijeka and Dubrovnik.


Dubrovnik is connected to Zadar by bus several times a day. The bus ride takes approximately 8 hours. Click here to see detailed information about bus service between Zadar and Dubrovnik.


Dubrovnik is connected to Split every day through all day. The bus ride from Split to Dubrovnik takes from 4.5 to 5 hours. Click here to see detailed information about bus service between Split and Dubrovnik.


Departures from Dubrovnik: 3:00 p.m. (on Sundays at 6:00 p.m)
Departures from Korcula: 6:45 a.m - every day (there is an extra bus on Sunday at 2:45 p.m)

This bus goes along the Croatian coast towards village of Doli. At this point bus turns left and drives along Peljesac peninsula to Orebic. In Orebic bus embarks on the car ferry to Korcula (Domince). After arriving to Domince bus continues yourney to bus station in the town of Korcula. After Korcula the same bus continues further along the island towards Vela Luka.

Travelling to Dubrovnik by bus -
International bus routes


Dubrovnik has direct bus connections to:

  • Trieste (Italy),
  • Herceg Novi (Montenegro),
  • Kotor (Montenegro),
  • Budva (Montenegro),
  • Podgorica (Montenegro),
  • Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina),
  • Mostar (Bosnia & Herzegovina),
  • Medjugorje (Bosnia & Herzegovina),
  • Zenica (Bosnia & Herzegovina).

Useful tips for travelling to Dubrovnik by bus

Purchasing bus tickets

Tickets can only be bought at bus stations or on buses.

You cannot book or buy your bus ticket online (except for Croatia bus and Panoramabus lines).

It would be advisable to reserve your bus tickets few days before travel date, especially if you are travelling to popular destination in the summer.

Paying for luggage

If you have bigger piece of luggage you will have to place it in hold. Each piece costs around 6-7 kunas.

Ride breaks

The buses on a longer routes usually have short breaks (10 - 15 minutes) at the larger bus stations so you can take a toilet break or just stock up on drinks and snacks.

Passing through Neum Corridor

If you are travelling by bus or by car from Split to Dubrovnik you will pass through small section of Bosnia and Herzegovina called the Neum Corridor. You will need to show your passport both when enter and leave the Corridor.

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